A very honest and slightly unflattering 6 Underground movie review


This is a (mostly) spoiler-free review of the movie ‘6 Underground’, which is streaming on Netflix.

Quickly, let me tell you about the 6 Underground plot

Seemingly smart and wealthy, pretty-boy (played by Ryan Reynolds) becomes a ghost and recruits other uniquely skilled individuals to do the same, in order to use his billions to save the world with a group of vigilantes. 6 Underground showed so much promise, with a diverse cast (including Ben Hardy and Corey Hawkins) and a really interesting underlying plot.

Ok, sounds cool, but? I know there’s a but coming

But just 15 minutes in and I was already a bit confused and distracted. I started day-dreaming whilst watching because there was so much stuff happening but at the same time; not enough stuff of substance.

I felt that it shared too much information in some instances and not enough in others. Like; are we to believe that this group of people that Ryan Reynolds’ character rounds up just trust him completely? We are not given nearly enough information in order to understand the dynamics of their relationships and why they are comfortable following him or doing these things with/for him. BUT we must just believe that they completely trust his character and his motives and plans? I’m not sold.

But what about Ryan Reynolds?

I love Ryan Reynolds as much as the next person, but I’m not sure that he was the right person for the lead role. It literally could have gone to any other actor with some big movies under his belt, like good ol’ Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt or even newbie Noah Centineo. But once again; this perception could have been easily remedied had we seen more of his back story and why he was so important to the team.

6 Underground has a different storyline, yes, but shows similarities to The Italian Job and Oceans Eleven et al. So, I can see where it wanted to go and the journey it was hoping to travel, kind of. But it just didn’t. Running over 2 hours, maybe it was just too long and drawn out or it was simply another big-budget Michael Bay action movie that was completely overproduced and lacked a few authentic exchanges between human beings. But, what do I know?

There were also some really obvious product placements (i.e. products placed in movies for advertising purposes) such as the close-up shots of Lavazza coffee cups and the completely unnecessary frame which focussed on a bottle of Aviation Gin (which Ryan Reynolds has a stake in BTW).

To sum it up – watch this purely for the action scenes and the pretty people. That is all. Action lovers will of course love it I’m sure, and there will probably be a sequel or a prequel, or several sequels… and then a prequel. I mean, if you think of The Fast and The Furious franchise or the Transformers franchise, etc. etc. – who even knows with action movies at this point? Back to 6 Underground in particular – personally, it’s not something I would watch again.

Words by: Peaches
Header image by: Luca Campioni (edited)


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