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Remember playing hide and seek, blowing bubbles, chasing rainbows, climbing trees and jumping off swings?! Aaah to be a kid again and get lost in our imaginations. We didn’t have to worry about buying food, paying bills and meeting deadlines back then. Luckily Travelstart knows that adulting can be hard, so they’re urging you to #BeAKidAgain with the chance to WIN big!

In celebration of Youth Month 2018, they’ve launched an awesome competition called The Paper Jet Challenge which encourages you to make your best paper jet, share your paper jet flight video on social media and challenge your friends. It’s as simple as that! Visit the Paper Jet Challenge web page to discover all the steps you need to take to enter.

Stand to win amazing prizes just by showing Travelstart how you can #BeAKidAgain. These prizes include Travelstart flight vouchers worth R1000, a Ryze Tello Minidrone (courtesy: Action Gear) and the grand prize of a trip for two to Zanzibar!

Tropical Zanzibar

Zanzibar has fast become one of the most popular island holiday destinations and it’s easy to see why. Think warm weather, cold cocktails and palm trees everywhere. You can spot the ocean life whilst snorkelling in the crystal blue waters or relax on the sandy white beaches.

Apart from enjoying time at the beautiful coast, you can also go on spice tours, savour fresh seafood dishes and walk the cobbled streets of Stonetown; now a World Heritage Site. Stonetown is a great place to taste the famous Zanzibar cuisine and experience their culture through their popular markets. There are a host of exciting activities that you can do in Zanzibar, which makes it the perfect holiday destination.

Zanzibar is an archipelago which lies only a short distance off the coast of Tanzania and it’s easy to plan a holiday there if you use Travelstart. Just thinking about it is giving me itchy feet, I’m thinking I should just book some return flights to Zanzibar asap!

The good old days

Travelstart encouraged me to share some of my favourite childhood memories with you, so here goes. I have such fond memories of adventures with my family all over South Africa but of course family holidays at the coast are a big feature.

Our big holiday road trips would usually start with my sister, my brother and I waking up in the wee hours of the morning and climbing into the car in our PJs. Then we would sleep the day away, grab a roadside Wimpy meal when we woke, spend the night in the Karoo, sleep the day away again and finally… when we arrived at our small Hermanus cottage, I knew it was holiday time.

Long road trips from Joburg to Cape Town to have Christmas with my grandparents; and stuff my tummy so full of food that I was rolling around on the ground afterwards. Putting cookies and beer out for Santa the night before. Cookies and beer darling – note: dads don’t drink milk. Then opening Christmas presents as soon as I opened my eyes, and my sister and I admiring our new barbies or matching dresses.

Also, beach days under the warm sun, jumping over cold cape waves and getting dunked under the salty water. All whilst of course being really dramatic about it as though I was actually dying, and then getting easily distracted by a bribe of soft serve ice cream.

I remember carols by candlelight out at the Old Harbour in Hermanus in the evening; and watching the whales splashing it up out in the distance during the day. Also much fun has been had getting my dad’s boat out on the water in the new harbour and zooming over the water with big splashes in our faces. Driving along the coast road and admiring the views of Cape Town, then going for Fish and Chips in Hout Bay.

On one of our trips back home from the coast my dad’s Land Rover broke down quite close to Stellenbosch, so we spent a night there while they tried to fix the problem. They gave us a Kia Picanto, which would have been fantastic for anyone except my family of five – and all our holiday luggage. They struggled to figure out the problem and so one night turned into two days, which turned into one full week. I’ll never forget, it was the first time I had ever been to Stellenbosch and we sure made the most of it. We ate out almost every meal and even went on a shopping spree for new clothes because my parents didn’t know how long we were going to be there; so they didn’t bother buying proper groceries or washing clothes. After that I swore I would never eat out again, but of course that didn’t last!

I still love spending holidays with my family although it can be really hard to organise with work, taking leave and leading busy adult lives. Aaah to go back to those childhood days…

What are some of your favourite childhood memories?

Remember all the things that made growing up so much fun? Get in touch with your inner child and take part in the challenge to #BeAKidAgain with the Paper Jet Challenge.  The challenge is on until 7 July 2018, so get your entries in fast.


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*This post was created in collaboration with Travelstart.


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