Botanica Jewellery Launches its Fauna Range


Botanica Jewellery creates special handcrafted jewellery to celebrate life’s precious moments. It was founded in South Africa in 2017 by owner Claire, who draws inspiration from the beautiful fauna and flora of the Western Cape.

Botanica creates lifestyle pieces, engagement rings, wedding bands, and special commissions in sterling silver and gold. Each piece, crafted locally in Cape Town, is made by combining modern methods with traditional manufacturing practices and the respected techniques of hand engraving and hand carving.

I have been a fan of the brand since I first came across them on Instagram some time ago. My engagement ring (pictured below) is one of their Protea designs which I was gifted by my now husband in December 2019.


The Fauna Range

Starting with six beautifully crafted Southern African birds, Botanica Jewellery has just recently launched its new Fauna Range. This new range is a collection of creatures that are hand-carved to best capture their unique characteristics and distinguishing details.

All of these birds are absolutely beautiful, but I think that my personal favourite design has to be the African Hoopoe.

Claire has always been very passionate about wildlife and when conceptualising this range, selected birds that she has personally had the pleasure of seeing in the wild. Claire states that she “loved revisiting those memories and photos during the planning phase, lingering over each quality that sets them apart”. She also hopes that “they will remind you of all the special memories and meanings you attach to birds, too.”

Each pendant is available in solid sterling silver or 9ct yellow gold, with rose gold available to order. They have been crafted for daily wear and will definitely be treasured for many years to come by those that wear them.

You can click here to browse the collection.

Fauna Range information and images by Botanica Jewellery
Words by Peaches


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