Ceres Invests in a Sustainable Future


Along with being well-known for its benefits to the body, fruit juice could definitely be considered one of life’s simple pleasures! And if you are a lover of fruit juice, you have surely found yourself enjoying a Ceres product every now and then, especially if you live in South Africa or have ever visited our beautiful country.

That’s because Ceres Fruit Juices, produced locally in the beautiful Ceres Valley in the Western Cape, is effectively the largest fruit juice packaging operation in Africa. Its products feature a range of refreshing 100% pure fruit juice blends, rich in vitamin C, and contain no added sugar or preservatives.

With a popular presence in five continents, Ceres has also recently been acquired by PepsiCo. In the quest of contributing to a more sustainable global food system, PepsiCo has dedicated itself to ever-evolving its product portfolio and hopes to inspire people to make better choices for themselves and their environment.


As many may already be aware, plastic drinking straws have been identified as one of the major contributors to the issue of plastic waste management; which has been a growing concern for people across the globe for some time.

Ceres is doing its bit for the Earth by assisting with plastic waste reduction efforts through the introduction of the #cerespaperstrawchallenge initiative.

Ceres Introduces Eco-friendly Paper Straws

“A major challenge with plastic straws is that they are too lightweight to make it through the mechanical recycling sorter and therefore difficult to recycle,” says Martin Neethling, PepsiCo Sub-Saharan Africa Chief Marketing Officer. Neethling suggests that “The only way to tackle this problem is to move away from plastic straws altogether. Hence Ceres’ introduction of eco-friendly straws for some of our juice packs.”

That said, as of September 2021, all Ceres 200ml packs will slowly replace plastic straws with paper straws. Ceres believes that in order to tackle our shared environmental challenges; the world should embrace the opportunity to change how packaging is produced, distributed, consumed, and disposed of.

Ceres also believes that not only will these choices positively impact the lives of the brand’s consumers and the livelihoods of its farming communities, but also the environment at large.

Neethling states that “Corporates need to stand up and make a change. We cannot wait for tomorrow.”

Fighting climate change and promoting sustainability

Climate change has been described as the greatest challenge of our generation. In order to approach this issue, we need to constantly find ways to live more responsibly and lead more environmentally friendly lives. We need to protect the environment and promote sustainability for our future.

The pollution of our oceans is widely known to be a contributor to climate change. Therefore, as part of Ceres’ initiative, Ceres Fruit Juices welcomed Craig Foster (producer of the award-winning documentary: My Octopus Teacher) to engage in a round table discussion at the end of September 2021.

This discussion, which marked International Coastal Clean-Up Day, was focused on the protection of our marine environment and the impact of plastic waste.

You can watch a recording of the discussion on Ceres’ Facebook and Instagram pages.

As Ceres global footprint expands and evolves, we can only hope that other companies follow in its footsteps.



Words by Peaches
Information provided by Ceres Fruit Juices
Header image by Bozhin Karaivanov on Pexels



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