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What inspires you? For me, it’s the small moments experienced in living a creative life; through food, travel, culture, music, design and everyday adventures. When I attended the J&B Hive 2018 Showcase in Braamfontein; I felt inspired by the entrepreneurial ambition, the space and the city I live in.

What is the J&B Hive?

The J&B Hive is more than just a shared work space; it’s a community filled with local creative entrepreneurs and a place for them to come together to connect and collaborate. The community has access to a range of workshops, masterclasses, technology, mentoring, support and financial investment.

The trendy and modern double volume space boasts a cafe and a bar and regularly host events. Entrepreneurs are welcome to work and socialise in the Creative Hub, as well as take advantage of the Accelerator Programme which provides support to grow their businesses.

Who is the J&B Hive for?

The J&B Hive is for innovators in design, food, fashion, tech, street culture, music, film, photography and the like. So basically, if you have an amazing, creative, innovative idea – they can help you make it happen!

If you’re passionate about curating products, services or events which cater to the above and you’re looking for an awesome networked community; you’ll benefit by applying to join the J&B Hive in Johannesburg.

What can they offer?

The J&B Hive understands that every entrepreneur is different and therefore they have two offerings to choose from, depending on the support you need:

As a ‘Tier 1’ member of the community you can enjoy the trendy workspace in Braamfontein, with camera and video equipment, computers and WiFi. You can collaborate and share skills to drive mutual success as well as attend regular social and learning events.

As a ‘Tier 2’ member of the community you can enjoy the above, plus specialist mentoring, coaching and skills training, as well as financial investment to aid you in the success of your business.

They want you to be successful, collaborate with others in the community and drive mutual success.

The aim of the Hive community is to continuously share, collaborate; and grow.

Feeling inspired?

Visit them at 100 Juta Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.
Connect with them on social media: @hivejoburg

Words + images by Peaches




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