Don’t Give Up Your Day Dream


Children have the most amazing and imaginative minds. Ask them what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll say the oddest things: I want to be a dinosaur or an astronaut, a ballerina, a unicorn, sometimes even a superhero and of course the classic: fireman.


When I was about 4, I won a colouring competition, I don’t remember it at all but I still have the certificate. So it must be legit. I have always seen myself as a Jack (Jill?) of all trades because I’m interested in so many things. Don’t get me wrong, I have a clear idea of what I’m good at and what I am most certainly not.


I suck at doing laundry, I can’t fry an egg (very well), I’m lazy when it comes to basic maths and I have a strange but deadly addiction to the most amazing, quirky shop that is ‘Typo’.


I’m a creative person, that’s what I’m good at. I’m creative. I can dance, I can sing, I can draw, paint and entertain. My high school aptitude test said I would do well as a clown (no jokes). Which might be true… but, even though I don’t eat pork (for no religious reasons) it also said I could consider a career as a Rabbi – which makes no sense really, because I’m sure you have to be at least Jewish and probably male, for such a career.


After high school, I went straight into studying at the AAA School of Advertising in Johannesburg. It was not an easy 3 years of study but it was worth it and I received a quality education for which I’m incredibly grateful. I received my BA in Creative Brand Communication (with honours), specialising in Graphic Design. Since then I have practised both Graphic Design and Art Direction in small, medium and large sized branding, marketing and advertising agencies.

The experience and knowledge I have gained during this time is so much more than just the amount of years I’ve been in the industry. I love the world of advertising, it’s a tough one that not a lot of people can handle. The deadlines are tight and the hours may sometimes be erratic, but seeing your final creative work out there in the world makes it so worthwhile.


Whenever I do something; whether work or relationship oriented, I put in my all because I don’t want it to be mediocre – and I don’t want to be mediocre. I don’t want to be good or even better; I only want to stretch myself to my very best. I want to keep exploring the possibility of personal progress. There is always more to learn. One of the great lateral thinkers, Edward de Bono, invented a special word for people like me. That word is ‘Ebne’ – an acronym for ‘Excellent, but not enough’.


Because of my adventurous parents, I already have my Skippers license to pilot a boat a few nautical miles out to sea, I have travelled all around South Africa and was able to do a European Contiki tour in June/July 2012. I love travel and would love to travel more often. I want to learn to play a musical instrument proficiently and speak another language fluently, cook properly, perhaps do my private Pilots license, learn to Scuba dive and so much more.


Life is meant for living, it’s meant to be enjoyed. If you’re just living and working to keep living and working, what are you doing it for? We all possess so much potential, we just need to push ourselves to accomplish the things we dream of.



“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” ~ Edmund Lee


Disclaimer: When I first wrote this post I found the image inspiration from all over the web and I’m not sure where most of it originated, so if you see something here that’s your original design, please send me a message and I will credit you where relevant.

(Edited and republished. Originally posted on my old blog: Peaches and Pie)


What is love?

Was I in love? Yes I was in love. There; I said it. I should have said it…

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