FitChef 21 Day Summer Body Challenge – tasty convenience the whole year round!

FitChef believes that just 21 days of eating the right food can positively impact your body, energy, mental focus, skin tone, mood, physical health, gut health and weight.

In partnership with FitChef, I embarked on their 21 Day Summer Body Challenge – and I can absolutely agree!

Why choose FitChef?

We often reach for high-carb, refined food because life gets busy and it can be time-consuming to plan and create healthy food.

FitChef is committed to making REAL food, which doesn’t have any refined or chemical additives. They provide a wide range of tasty, nutrient-dense food based on their EatClean ethos.

Their meal plans are structured and delivered in a way that makes it amazingly convenient and accessible to eat healthy, balanced meals every day. You can either order a complete challenge kit or select your own products.

Simply order online > store everything in your freezer > defrost > or heat and eat.

Did you know? High-quality frozen food is nutritionally more reliable than fresh, as freezing prevents sensitive vitamins and nutrients from being lost.

Whether you’re looking for meals that are low-carb, gluten-free, or suitable for vegans – they’ve got it! They even have family packs, kids meals, snacks, juice cleanse and sports performance options. With FitChef, it really couldn’t be easier.

And of course, their meals have absolutely NO:
• Added or artificial sugars
• Starch-based sauces
• Preservatives
• Additives
• Colourants

About the 21 Day Summer Body Challenge

This package has a fantastic range of meals and great flavours, filled with goodness and nutrition. It also includes soups which means it could double as a Winter Body Challenge too 😉 – but more specifically it’s a great choice for all year round! The 21 Day Summer Body Challenge package includes:

  • Meals and smoothies for 6 days per week, with 1 free eating day (usually a Sunday)
  • ±18 soups, ±18 meals (up to 23 varieties) and ±18 breakfasts, including Muesli and Toasted Wheatflakes – approximately 1 breakfast, 1 meal and 1 soup per day
  • ±18 smoothies (up to 6 varieties) and juices – approximately 1 per day
  • 9 snacks to treat yourself – includes nuts, trail mix and ice cream
  • 24 Immu-Boost Shots for ultimate health – these shots are packed with a healthy punch of apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger, apple and honey. On warmer days, you can take one every morning as is for a fresh morning kick. On colder days you can add it to hot water to make a warm, refreshing tea!
  • You will need about 3 shelves in your freezer. However, you can split your order into 2 deliveries like I did (for Gauteng and Cape Town only), which is great if your freezer is too small for all the food at once.

Before starting the 21 Day Summer Body Challenge

I took note of my body measurements and weight so that I could track any physical difference. My work schedule was really busy at the time and I felt really flat and tired before doing the challenge.

Results: After 1 week of eating clean with FitChef

After 1 week, I already felt more energised and I could feel a positive change in my body. During the first week, however, I started feeling a bit hungry because I was adjusting to eating healthy, portioned meals.

When it comes to diet, portion size is very important, so FitChef says this reaction is completely natural because our bodies are used to living on large portions of high-carb sugary food so they will need to adjust to eating whole food.

I would simply add another smoothie or eat one of the healthy FitChef snacks if I felt hungry.

Results: After 21 days of eating clean with FitChef

Again, I took note of my body measurements and weight as well as how I was feeling after the 21 days. Here are my results after the full experience:

  • I felt generally happier and healthier
  • I was more alert and focused
  • My skin looked hydrated, bright and elastic
  • As a migraine sufferer, during this period I had almost zero headaches!
  • There was a noticeable difference in my physical appearance and my weight. I lost 3 kg in total, I lost an average of 3 cm around my arms, thighs and bum – and I lost 6 cm around my waist! I was utterly elated because my biggest physical struggle has always been my belly.

The overall FitChef experience

I loved it! I was really impressed with the food and the variety of meals –  I got excited every time I chose my meals and smoothies for the day. The meals range from simple flavours to spicy, creamy, and rich; but all incredibly flavourful.

FitChef is proof that healthy food can be really, really tasty!

As a lover of carbs, I often feel bloated and uncomfortable because of it, however, with FitChef I felt SUCH a difference. No bloating, no discomfort.

FitChef is an incredibly convenient option for a busy schedule, however, I completely believe that I could have increased my physical results if I had been able to exercise more, so I regret that I had little time to train because of my hectic work schedule at the time.

I enjoyed all the food but the protein smoothies were an absolute game-changer for me! You can just grab one of these meals on the go when rushing to a meeting or going on a hike.

Thanks to FitChef for keeping me fuelled with amazing food, delicious smoothies and the perfect snacks! I will definitely use their services again in the future.

Commit to easy healthy living with FitChef – order your meals online here:



Words and images by Peaches

Disclaimer: my participation in the 21 Day Summer Body Challenge was in partnership with FitChef.

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