Gifts for Him – The Mantality® Mystery Box Review


Finding it hard to get a gift for the men in your life? Whether it’s for a friend, husband, brother or dad, it gets really tricky when all you can think of is, you know… socks. 😂

Friends, Mantality® has all this buying-guys-presents-stuff sorted! My boyfriend Ed was so impressed when his sister Jen bought him The Mantality® Mystery Box for his birthday. Nobody knew what was inside until he opened it and it was already like Christmas for him, opening and exploring each item.

What’s in the box?

Without ruining the mystery, Mantality® says each box could contain items like gadgets, electronics, socks, jewellery, sauces, snacks, mugs, glasses, grooming products and other gifts.

The Mantality® Mystery Box contains between 2 – 5 items, depending on the size you choose. You can get a Small, Medium or Mega size box with prices starting from R299. For what you get in the box, it’s so worth it because buying each item individually would definitely cost more!

The goodies arrive in a specially branded Mantality® Mystery Box to up the intrigue. Mantality® states that no two boxes are alike and everything is picked at random. They are also constantly adding new products to the Mystery Box to keep it fresh. This way it’s possible to get a Mystery Box for everyone, with chances that almost no item is the same! So, YOU get a Mystery Box, and YOU get a Mystery Box – everyone gets Mysterrrrry Boxxxxx! (Says with Oprah voice)

Spoiler alert – Ed’s box had a:

  • Melted ice cream door stopper
  • Credit card size multipurpose pocket survival tool
  • Fox mug
  • Keyring torch
  • Pocket knife and pliers multi-tool

Why choose a Mantality® Mystery Box?

It makes getting that gift much more fun! It takes the hard work out of finding something different and it’s the perfect gift for any inquisitive man i.e. most! Take a chance – mystery awaits. If there’s something in the box that doesn’t suit his fancy, he can always gift it to someone else.

So much more with Mantality®

If you’d prefer to pick something specific, you’ll be inspired by thousands of ideas with their range of unique and unusual gifts for men. Whether it’s an outdoor experience, something for the mancave, toys and games for geeks, manly grooming products, or slick style and accessories – there’s something for every man’s taste. Check out their online store here.


Words + images by Peaches
Header by Jonathan Francisca


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