The other day whilst in a meeting, my pen did a flick flack out of my hand, I took a sip of my coffee and missed my mouth completely, spilling all over my shirt. Then I accidentally attempted to use my cellphone as my computer mouse. I don’t suppose I need say more except, it was surely holiday time.

Summer is the rainy season in Joburg which means people either 1) drive way too cautiously in the rain and are annoying or, 2) drive way too wrecklessly and are annoying. Either way, it was time to get out of Joburg and visit the sunny seaside!

Here’s a pic of the bf and I (if we were our sunglasses)

How cool are we?

Last year with all the rain, there were more potholes than road to drive on. Like vigilantes of the night, I (and help) painted white rings (with water based paint – no stress) around all the potholes we could find. Yes, the potholes were fixed shortly afterwards.

Anyways it was good to be on holiday. Port Elizabeth, Hermanus and Cape Town we went. I’m no stranger to long drives but I have a habit of sleeping through most of it, so my boyfriend Ed drove us down at night and I tried to stay awake as long as possible. Also, I can’t be the only person in the world who sees faces in the car in front of me while driving. They look like monsters or animals, not unlike Pokemon characters, no? And have you noticed how if there are two lone cars traveling past one another on a road and there happens to be a pedestrian/cyclist/pothole/strandom ranger on one side – you always pass each other at the said pedestrian/cyclist/pothole/strandom ranger, the exact point you are trying to avoid? Did I mention this is when the energy drink kicked in?

One big thing I’m grateful for is the awesome rock mix Ed had organised for our roadtrip and also – the fact that I saw my all time favourite band live just before we left. The Foo Fighters concert in Jozi was easily one of the coolest and most impressive rock concerts I’ve ever seen. I love this band, man. I have every single one of their eight albums and all I can say is, well they’re pretty friggen fantastic. A true rock band is exactly what they are. Talented musicians who kept up their performance through and through and must have played so many of their songs it made me truely happy inside. ‘Everlong‘ and the band’s bow out was a great way to end off the show. Well done Foo Fighters, well done.

Foo Fighters on stage
Foo Fighters on stage

On the other hand, I was expecting slightly more from 30 Seconds to Mars, than 30 seconds of actual music. I do love Jared Leto, I do (a very talented guy in his own right) – but if I just wanted to see the ‘Jared Leto Show’ this would have been it. I wanted ‘Rock Jared’, not ‘Jesus Jared’ – which his long hair and beard and Jesus-ee robe indicated. The interactivity with the crowd was awesome but where was the 30 Seconds I saw at the 2008 Coke Fest? The energy, screaming, shouting, the music, and song after song into song? My friend Caitlin and I even had a meet and greet with The Kaiser Chiefs. Pretty darn cool.

'Jesus Jared'
‘Jesus Jared’

At least I walked away from both of these concerts unharmed, unlike The Kooks concert in 2013 which was pretty awesome but ended with a semi-dislocated shoulder which semi-dislocated again recently and caused me to black out and faint while working. It was funny and yet, also, not so funny.

Oh yes and one of the Rise and Shine concert days where I sprained my ankle and have no idea how because my drink was spiked. Yeah life, throw it at me – cos that aint gonna stop me from going to live music concerts or seeing local South African bands play live.

But back to the festive season roadtrip! I’m glad that my awesome boyfriend could put up with me for 2 weeks straight. Through the relaxing week spent visiting his family in PE, to the festivities of Christmas, a trip to Hermanus to join my family for the next week, spending Christmas stuffing our faces, my sister getting engaged, visiting some pretty cool friends in Cape Town and almost celebrating New Year’s in the car on the way to the beach. Almost. We missed the fireworks but at least there was champers!

Here’s to a new year full of good food, good music, chilled vibes, new places to explore, awesome work and everything in between!

My top 5 current summer faves:

1. Kings of Leon – Rock City

2. Alt-J – Left Hand Free

3. Arctic Monkeys – Snap Out Of It

4. David Guetta – Lovers On The Sun

5. Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding – Outside


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(Edited and republished. Originally posted on my old blog: Peaches and Pie)


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