Katla series review

‘Katla’ review – an Icelandic production worth a watch


Katla is simply different, compelling, and unexpected

This is why I found myself watching the first season from beginning to end in a matter of days – and can offer up this quick little Katla review for you.

Built on the imagined premise of the near-abandoned Icelandic town of Vik, where the local volcano has been in constant eruption for over a year, a small number of residents have chosen to stay and search to better understand the issues at hand instead of running away from them. The Netflix series revolves around these individuals and their reasons for existing nearby an active volcano called Katla.

Firstly, the expansive views of this sleepy Icelandic town covered in ash are something to behold. Secondly, in contrast to the typical resurrection scenario (sorry about the minor spoiler) played out in many a Hollywood-esque fashion, Katla adds more depth and mystery to the circumstances by drawing on local folklore and adding some unique twists.

Some may feel that the story is a bit slow, but I believe it slowly builds suspense upon the mysterious nature of the local surroundings and why the residents of Vik have stayed – or strayed – from the town.

Katla series review character

This series manages to balance each character’s light and dark facets by giving them both ominous and intriguing scenarios which test their humanity.

The creators of this show bring the story to life from a fresh perspective that leaves you evermore intrigued, and each episode leads to the unearthing of answers to captivating enigmas. New characters are introduced organically throughout the season as Katla follows a few simultaneous storylines. Viewers are presented with new pieces of the puzzle while learning about each character’s personal journey. 

Like most foreign language projects, though, it can be odd to watch this dubbed in English. However, sometimes the actors actually do the scenes in English, which makes it feel more natural when integrated with the dubbed scenes.

Stream it or skip it?

Although Netflix technically classifies it in the horror genre, Katla feels more along the lines of folklore meets sci-fi meets drama. So if this sounds like your jam, I’d say give it a go and be prepared for something that’s a little left-field – but makes you think in ways that most series are too afraid to do.

Note: this series may be triggering for sensitive viewers.

Written by Peaches
Images by Netflix


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