Discover your pure beauty, with the Mzuri Pure Beauty range


Mzuri Pure Beauty recently launched their herbal skin care range – and I’m sold!

They believe in harnessing the power of nature to bring out the best in your skin and naturally, Mzuri, meaning ‘beautiful one’ in Swahili; was inspired by our rich African heritage.

The dermatologically tested cosmetic range contains only pure, active herbal ingredients which are chemical-free, pesticide-free, metal-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

The products include natural ingredients which have antibacterial and healing properties; such as cucumber, walnut, hibiscus, neem, turmeric, olive oil and tulsi, amongst others.

And what’s more – the range is suitable for all skin types, all demographic groups, all ages, men and women! So you can share this one with the boyfriend, honey.

Why herbal beauty?

Herbal beauty is becoming ever popular, because natural beauty products tend to be less harmful to the skin and the environment, compared to products which contain chemicals. They also tend to be more affordable.

The Mzuri Pure Beauty range was developed by Tibb Health Sciences; a proudly South African company and a trusted name in natural medicine.

“The increasing consumer trend towards more natural and affordable skincare products inspired our team of professional cosmetic scientists to invest extensive research into the properties and effectiveness of a range of 12 active herbal ingredients – and ultimately develop our new easy-to-use Mzuri Pure Beauty range for the skin, earth and you!” said Marcelle Hessell, Mzuri’s Brand Manager at the time of the launch.

“Everyone needs to discover their pure beauty. That’s what the Mzuri products have been designed to do.”

The Mzuri Pure Beauty launch

With the gorgeous views and botanical surroundings, Shepstone Gardens was the perfect setting for the launch into the South African market.

Flower crowns, floral drinks, and fresh spring air surrounded us; as we mingled with the beautiful ex Miss South Africa and MC, Liesl Laurie, as well as the amazing team behind the range.

We received a lovely hand wash and massage to get a small taste of what the products had to offer. I could already feel and smell the freshness, softness and subtle scents of the products from this single experience. We were treated to mini manicures, floral face paintings and a lovely fresh lunch; which all complemented the launch.

Tables around the venue were adorned with the products and the actual pure essential oils and herbal ingredients that have been used to create the range. Herbs and spices sprinkled amongst flowers and leaves, and woven carefully around the products they helped to create.

My thoughts on the range

Everything from the use of ingredients, to the aesthetics of the packaging, makes the Mzuri Pure Beauty range stand out amongst the competition.

We were given the daily essential gift pack to try out, which consists of a:

  • Cleansing face wash, with Neem and Turmeric
  • Revitalizing day cream, with Licorice and Hibiscus
  • Moisturizing night cream, with Almond and Palasha

(You can better understand the benefits of the ingredients used, by reading ‘the full cosmetic range’ paragraph below.)

The face wash smells amazing, and you only need to use a pea sized amount at a time because it lathers up just enough. It is so gentle on the face and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft – and not too dry. The scent is also not overpowering and doesn’t linger for too long.

The day cream has a lovely texture, and once again you only need a pea sized amount because a little goes a long way. It leaves my skin feeling supple and mattified, yet well moisturised. The scent is also lovely!

The night cream rounds off the daily essential gift pack nicely. The soothing scent is perfect for bed time and I don’t wake up with an oily face like I occasionally would with other products.

My skin can be quite sensitive to new products so it was a relief to find something that really worked for me. Since using the product I’ve had little to no break outs, less facial redness, and my skin feels much brighter. The gift pack lasted me for quite some time and it will definitely become a repeat purchase. I would love for the Mzuri Pure Beauty range to extend to body washes and lotions!

The full cosmetic range

The range has three day products and three night products, specially created to combine ingredients that work well together.

The three day products are:
  1. Cleansing Face Wash – with Neem and Turmeric, which have antiseptic properties that help with skin healing, cleansing pores, and preventing acne and pimples.
  2. Revitalizing Day Cream – with Liquorice and Hibiscus; which protects against sunburn and UV rays, maintains skin elasticity and promotes a younger looking skin. It also reduces hyper-pigmentation, calms facial redness, and can be used throughout the year.
  3. Rejuvenating Anti-ageing Cream – with Saffron and Brahmi; which prevents early onset wrinkles and removes fine lines.
The three night products are:
  1. Exfoliating Face Wash – with Olive oil and Tulsi; to remove dead skin cells and sticky dirt, whilst keeping the skin healthy, glowing, and nourished.
  2. Refreshing Face Scrub – with Cucumber and Walnut; to remove dead skin cells, stimulate the regeneration of cells, tone the skin, enable it to breathe, and keep it soft and elastic.
  3. Moisturizing Night Cream – with Almond and Palasha; to rejuvenate the skin, prevent skin dehydration, and enhance your skin’s natural glow.

Find out where you can find stockists of the range here.


Words by Peaches
Launch images by Peaches
Product images provided by Tibb Health Sciences



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