The more you ask, the more you know



The more you ask, the more you know, right? Guess what – same with people! Everyone thinks that they can see what others are up to based purely on their social media presence, but we all know that these online spaces show merely a snippet of our lives. So, I implore you to start asking more questions. Real questions. Hard questions. Silly questions. Just get the conversation going!

Anyone that knows me IRL knows that I like to ask questions (sometimes to the annoyance of the upper echelon of organisations that shall not be named). BUT I generally ask questions because I really want to know. So, if I ask you how you are, I really want to know. If I ask you where you got your dress, I really want to know. I’m pretty straightforward like that. Why? Firstly because I LOVE learning – hence, the questions. But also because people are interesting and everyone has something to teach you, no matter how small. So give it a try and surprise yourself. Step out of that homey, comfy, mind zone and peek into someone else’s brain (figuratively, of course) for a mere moment.

If you’re reading this, then I suppose that is exactly what you’re doing, and I applaud you.

But the thing is that too often I’ve had conversations with people where I asked so many questions about those people that they ended up knowing nothing about me. Have you ever felt this way? That said, I’ll start sharing much more here because that’s what I want to do, hope that’s good with you! I just needed to breathe, relax, refocus, and reframe. Now I think I’m ready to share again.

And if you’ve read this far, CONGRATS! Your prize is a few nuggets about the real me. I’m a creatively strategic entrepreneur who co-founded an agency mid-pandemic and although I’m struggling right now, I would like to do yoga in the mornings more frequently. I live my life from meal to meal because I love food (obviously, just look at my Instagram feed) and these moments are usually shared with others that spark joy in my life. I am also adamant about becoming a polyglot (someone who speaks many languages). But I think that’s enough wording from me today. What about you? 

Ciao for now,
Peaches xx

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