The Pursuit of Happiness


People too often seek happiness in others; or doing ‘things’ or having ‘stuff’ or being super successful. It’s always a case of ‘I’ll be happy when I [fill in the blank]’. But the secret is that the time will never be right, the time is always now – and your true happiness lies within you.

This post was partly inspired by what I’ve personally endured over recent years and partly inspired by a book that I’ve read and would recommend: ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, by Robin Sharma. In the book it explains that ‘Dharma’ is the Sanscrit word meaning ‘Life’s purpose’ and: “Within you lies the sun, the moon, the sky and all the wonders of the universe. The intelligence that created these wonders is the same force that created you. All things around you come from the same source. We are all one.”

Everyone must have at some point asked themselves a question like this: Can I really do this? Am I the right person for this job? Am I studying the right thing? Does God exist? What is my life’s purpose? Who am I?

So, who are you? Well, there are 3 answers to this question. Who you think you are, who others think you are – and who you really are. But who you are today will be a different person tomorrow, as you’re constantly learning, growing and changing. In order to see how you’re being perceived by others you have to be more self aware. Don’t let people or circumstances get to you because then you may react in a way that is out of character and therefore cause you to appear to be someone that you are not.

You tell on yourself
You tell on yourself by the friends you seek,
By the manner in which you speak,
By the way you employ your leisure time,
By the use you make of dollar and dime,
You tell what you are by the things you wear,
By the kind of things at which you laugh,
By the records you play on the phonograph,
You tell what you are by the way you walk,
By the things of which you delight to talk,
By the manner in which you bear defeat,
By so simple a thing as how you eat,
By the books you choose from the well filled-shelf,
In these ways and more, you tell on yourself.
– James Allen

I’ve been through a bit of a rough patch recently and for a while I felt like a zombie, just trying to get through the day. I’d been getting very little sleep and much anxiety over it, among other things. Other people were perceiving me in the wrong way because I was so absorbed in the things playing on my mind that I wasn’t even aware of it.

This is how I see myself: I value friendships and family, I strive to better myself, I’m always keen to try new things, ambitious, positive and open minded, an adventurer, lover of chocolate and baking, wine enthusiast, passionate about music, dance and design – and I have an imagination that runs away with itself.

I believe that wanting to be skinnier or richer or ‘better’ than anyone else, is a short term goal with a momentary joy. You won’t gain true happiness by filling little gaps in your soul. YES, I believe that I am a soul and it will live on without this body. In any relationship; the bond or attraction is with another’s soul, not their body.

You are not what you do for a living, you are not your likes, dislikes, your friends, family or circumstances. You’re not your past. You’re not what you look like or what you eat. Who are you at your core, in your heart, who is your soul? Looking at the big picture, it doesn’t matter who I am today, what matters is if I’m striving to be a better me tomorrow.

I did this personality test (based on the writings of Carl Jung, David Keirsey, and Isabel Briggs-Myers) suggested by a friend, and I was classified as an ENFP personality. Although I disagree with a few points, the results were quite accurate, this excerpt actually describes me perfectly:

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.” ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

(Edited and republished. Originally posted on my old blog: Peaches and Pie)


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