We Need To Talk


Like all good relationships, communication is key.

This means we talk to each other right? In friendships, between family, couples, and at the workplace – we’re all about communication. The way we say something and our body language, is often more important than what we actually say.

Social media

In some ways social media makes communication in general actually more difficult. You see what everyone is doing so you don’t ask them, but then you wonder why they don’t ask you? No need for a high school reunion when you already think you know what’s going on in everyone’s lives, what they eat everyday and even when their birthdays are, just because Facebook needs to tell you that Joe Soap added a new photo of his shoes, even if you didn’t want to know. Isn’t that a bit creepy? Stop it Facebook, I don’t know where to switch off every one of these weird settings, ok.

  • Facebook allows people to share whatever they want with the world, which isn’t really a good thing, because we can share and like and comment on social media but – if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it. And sometimes people are just nosy and they don’t need to know your issues, so unless they actually ask, there’s no need to tell everyone how sad you are right now or how #blessed you feel.
  • Pinterest allows you to see other people’s personal taste, like what food they love and even when they’re thinking about it. Pinterest and I, we have a love hate relationship.
  • Twitter is all about the latest news and views and gossip. Follow trends, hashtags and stories there and you’ll know what’s going on in your fave celeb’s life before you even see it on E! News. Twitter says it’s alright to call people bae. Pharrell is awesome, but we don’t need to abbreviate erry wrd k.
  • Instagram says you can never take enough selfies or pics of your lunch or even use too many hashtags #never.

Take a digital break

Social media is supposed to make us feel more connected, but really people have become more detached. I admit that I too am a social media trend culprit (sometimes). The first step is admitting there’s a social problem.

Make more of an effort to communicate with each other in the real world, don’t lose touch with reality. People need to smile and laugh together, hold hands, tell stories with hands waving in the air and use sound effects; those are the best! We need to hug, squeeze each other tightly when we see our bestest friends, laugh about old times and embarrassing stories with family.

We need to whisper sweet nothings to our better halves and feel the warmth of their breath beside our cheeks. We need to share food together and eat it all messy, because that’s much more fun than seeing it perfectly on Instagram. We need to step away from ‘reality’ TV and realise our own dreams – without the drama. Come aaaan, do it for the kids. Do it for the future. Do it for the animals. Do it for a life filled with real adventure. Less selfies, more socialising. Do it for yourself, you amazing human being you. You’re awesome.


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