Wild Bean Café Supports Local Young Design Talent


Wild Bean Café recently launched their ‘Design A Cup’ competition, which reflects the authentic and contemporary personality they have become known for. As the first brand to operate from a service station forecourt, they have been conveniently located at BPs all over South Africa, since 2001.

Wild Bean Café ‘Design A Cup’ Competition

“At BP we are driven to invest in the youth and celebrate local talent, which is exactly why we launched the Wild Bean Café ‘Design A Cup’ competition;” says BPSA’s Wild Bean Café Manager, Danielle Croza.

The competition encouraged designers to create a new-look limited edition cup, which will be available at Wild Bean Cafés across the country. Beyond just providing a great coffee experience, Wild Bean Café wanted a powerful way to connect and engage with South Africans in a meaningful way; by reflecting our creativity and vibrancy. Whether it’s that first sip of morning coffee or the quick brew you catch on that last-minute sho’t left road trip; the design was to be inspired by a cuppa Joe from Wild Bean Café and how it adds to the designer’s everyday African vibe.

Art and Coffee

“Art and coffee are such a natural and trendy partnership, hence our decision to collaborate with Vega to kickstart this initiative. Our intent is to build on this event and make it bigger and accessible to more people in the coming years,” says BPSA’s Wild Bean Café Manager, Danielle Croza.

On the 24th of July, the winners of the competition were announced at a prize-giving ceremony held at the BP head office in Rosebank. Not only has the competition given young local talent an amazing platform to showcase their skills, but the winners will also have their names, faces and success shared widely in the media; aiding in their careers. 

Did you know? Wild Bean Café sell millions of cups of coffee each year and offer good quality food, freshly baked goods and espresso style coffees for motorists in South Africa, the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, China and Russia.

Tannah Renou, a second-year graphic design student from Vega in Durban, won both the first and third place! Inspired by the bright colour combinations of our various cultures, Tannah says she “wanted to tell the story of coffee as it is experienced by South Africans throughout their day. The different styles, colours and personalities portray Mzansi’s rich and vibrant diversity and the light-hearted humour emphasises South Africa’s fun and friendly nature.’’

Second place went to Barry Beukes; a third-year graphic design student from Vega, who is also an experienced photographer. Barry says he “took inspiration from different African patterns and textures” from his photographs. “The finished product is a combination of the various patterns I encountered over the years throughout my travels through Africa, bringing to life a design unique to Mzansi,” he adds.

“There were so many great designs that it was difficult for the judges to make their final selection. Congratulations to both winners for their standout designs,” says Ms Croza.


Vega is well regarded as one of the best places to study graphic design in South Africa. Shevon Lurie, Managing Director at Vega says: “Students at Vega develop and showcase their talents by engaging with real-world brands like Wild Bean Café, and this is one of the reasons why an IIE Vega student is often the preferred candidate among today’s employers.”

The competition winners get the opportunity to have their award-winning designs featured on Wild Bean Café cups country-wide; and also both receive an Apple MacBook Pro with a full one-year Adobe CC licence.


Images by Peaches.
Images of the winners, provided by Wild Bean Café and BP.
Words adapted by Peaches. Press release provided by Wild Bean Café and BP.

Disclaimer: Wild Bean Café dropped by with some delicious muffins and their new-look cups, to promote their ‘Design A Cup’ competition.

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