About Peaches

About Peaches in the Wild

Hello! Thanks for visiting my page, my name is Amanda Bussio AKA Peaches. 🙌

Peaches in the Wild is a lifestyle blog with a focus on tasty food, inspiring design, personal style, world travel and everyday adventures in the urban jungle I call home; Johannesburg.

Peaches is a nickname which I decided to use as a pen name when I first started blogging many years ago. What started as a few funny stories and advice through lessons learned has turned into the platform I now use to inspire and motivate the everyday woman to visit new places, try new things – and go a little ‘wild’.

I love promoting local travel and supporting local businesses, whilst also spreading a message of positivity and encouragement for you to do the things you want to do. No matter how wildly outrageous or far fetched they may seem – you do you boo! 🌿

Who is Amanda Bussio?

It all started in the 80s my friend. Ok, ok, on the edge of the 80s. Ok, 1989 to be exact. Since then, I’ve been (kind of) living on the edge for most of my life. I’ve always been an ambitious and curious Capricorn; so of course I was a naughty middle child who used to go exploring without telling my parents (and get in trouble for it).

Today, I still love to explore and experience the new and different; which I share with you here and on social media. I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer, Art Director and Copywriter inspired by everyday adventures. A #GirlBoss – constantly looking to grow through learning new languages, traveling, photography, style, music, dancing, good food, coffee, wine, design and culture.

I was actually forced to start a blog in order to complete an assignment for a Digital Marketing module in 2010. I really, really, didn’t want to do it at the time. But after stopping and starting a few times, my blogging picked up after I wrote this article; and my blog continues to grow into something wonderful and different. Peaches in the Wild is actually the third evolution.

I do digital and print design, create content, write copy for websites, social and print, take images, art direct shoots, conceptualise campaigns and assist with creative strategy on a freelance basis. If you’d love to work with me or just say hi, pop me a mail at peachesinthewild@gmail.com or get in touch with me here.

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@thewildpeaches (Twitter)

You can also get to know me a bit better with these 10 Fun Facts About Me 😊

Peaches xx

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