Brunch at Café Hemingways


A little while ago, I had heard some buzz about Café Hemingways in Kyalami, north of Johannesburg. So my cousins Nicki and Debbie, my sister Stacy, and myself – decided to indulge in a Sunday visit.

We were expecting a tea garden vibe so we weren’t sure if we were in the right place when we found ourselves in what first appeared to be a quiet centre in Kyalami. Don’t be fooled by the outer appearance. It states Bar Hemingways on the outside, but the space is split into the bar and the café (which is where we spent most of our time). When we walked into the café, we were greeted by a little oasis full of people. Some were celebrating an occasion with a high tea and a table adorned with beautiful treats, while others enjoyed a fresh warm breakfast.

Light and lovely

The café area was light and abuzz with conversation. The decor was wonderfully botanical and colourful, with their whimsical cakes on full display.

The space lends itself to a lovely morning brunch, a delightful afternoon high tea or even a jazzy evening cocktail at the bar. Unfortunately we struggled to hear each other a bit over the general conversation, so I would suggest they add dividers in between the tables to create more intimate spaces, where you could hear each other better.

Fresh and tasty

We got a newbie waiter who forgot a few things, but this was all forgotten by us when the delicious food arrived. You can tell a lot of love goes into the making of the food; its naming, plating, taste – and general experience around being consumed.

Café Hemingway’s is a self proclaimed New York City inspired bistro, bar, patisserie and venue. They offer high teas with gorgeous names like The Great Gatsby and The Alice in Wonderland. And yes, they have all the bells and whistles one would imagine for a fairytale event.

Whatever your fancy, the desserts are beautifully styled and the meals are more than adequate in taste and quantity. However, I would definitely recommend booking beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Feeling moreish?

To make a booking, call (011) 466 0195, or email /

Visit their websiteInstagram or Facebook page for more 🙂


Content and photography by Peaches


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