ButtaNutt Cocoa Macadamia Spread Review


Chocolate spread has been a firm favourite in South Africa since we were introduced to the likes of Nutella. However, it has never been considered a healthy snack until founder Antoine van Heerden introduced us to his ‘farmer’s market experiment’ in 2013; which is known today as ButtaNutt Tree Nut Spreads.

I’m always proud to support locally produced products (like Honey&Co), so of course I was happy to find out that ButtaNutt source their ingredients from local farmers and their products are hand-crafted in Cape Town, South Africa. They use only local and natural ingredients and their products are completely sugar-,preservative- and stabiliser free.

ButtaNutt Variety

Their range includes:

  • Pecan Macadamia
  • Roasted Macadamia
  • Roasted Almond
  • Cinnamon Macadamia
  • Honey Almond Macadamia
  • Raw Macadamia, Coconut and Rooibos
  • Cocoa Macadamia

Their spreads come in 250g glass jars as well as 32g squeeze packs and are available at select retailers, as well as online. They also have limited flavours available in 1kg tubs for the real nutter.

My ButtaNutt experience

Being a chocolate lover, I was drawn to their Cocoa Macadamia spread; which I’ve chosen to review. From here on out when I refer to ‘ButtaNutt’ I am referencing the ButtaNutt Cocoa Macadamia spread.

Would you believe that this spread consists of only 3 ingredients?! Dry roasted macadamia nuts (80 – 90%), organic cocoa (5 – 10%) and honey (5 – 10%).


ButtaNutt Packaging

Their packaging is clean and simple, with images of the ingredients printed on a white label and the delectable chocolatey product peeking through the glass.

ButtaNutt taste and texture

The macadamia nut taste comes through quite distinctly, so if you’re not a macadamia fan then this is probably not for you. The taste is not as sweet as Nutella because it is sweetened only with honey. It tastes bitter because of the raw cocoa, although not as bitter as dark chocolate. The texture and consistency is similar to that of melted chocolate; much smoother than Nutella.


Who is ButtaNutt for?

Where Nutella is aimed at kids, I would say that ButtaNutt is definitely not. These spreads are rather for the health conscious foodie who doesn’t mind paying a bit extra for a fresh and healthy alternative chocolate spread.

How would you eat ButtaNutt?

Spread on toast or banana bread, drizzle over cereal or eat it straight from the jar. There are many recipes available on their website for ways to use their spreads. You can also follow them of FacebookInstagram or Twitter for more inspiration.


In conclusion

If you’ve checked out my healthy snacks post and my recent snack bar review, you would have picked up that I’ve been on the hunt for delicious healthy snacks recently. Because unfortunately we can’t reeeally have indulgent chocolate brownie mug cakes every day (only every second day, right?).

That said, ButtaNutt believe that food should simply be delicious and nutritious. I couldn’t agree more, and I think they have certainly achieved this with their Cocoa Macadamia! All natural, healthy, delicious and nutritious – not forgetting proudly South African.

The 250g jars of ButtaNutt retail for ±R80, which is nearly twice the price of a 350g jar of Nutella. However, comparing similar sized jars, ButtaNutt uses around 70% more nuts than Nutella and is made with only 3 ingredients versus Nutella’s ±8.

When you take into consideration the price of nuts (not cheap) and the quality of the ButtaNutt product, it’s actually not badly priced. I would definitely buy it again, every once in a while as a healthy delectable treat.


Content and photography by Peaches

Have you tried any of the ButtaNutt range? Share your experience below!

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  1. My gosh, this stuff sounds amazing!! I really want to give this a try! 🙂 I love almonds so I might get the Honey Almond 🙂

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